Matt Nolan is a writer, social historian and photographer. He lives in Mullingar, Ireland. Matt, originally from Ballygar in County Galway, is a fluent Irish (Gaelic)speaker. He started his working career in Mullingar with The Inland Fisheries on fisheries development and research and eventually retired as an Inspector with Inland Fisheries Ireland. Due to his lifelong love of photography after being given a Box Brownie as a birthday present in 1962, he has collected a vast amount of photographs documenting life in Gaeltacht regions Ireland from the 1960s. His most impressive collection is from the Connemara Gaeltacht and from the Rathcairn Gaeltacht in Co. Meath

Married to Rosemary with a grown-up family of three daughters and one son, and fourteen grandchildren. Matt’s wide range of interests includes the environment, photography and local history. Matt has also acquired a working knowledge of French because of his interest in French culture.

Matt makes regular contributions to national TV and Radio. He has produced a number of books including Mullingar Just for the Record 2000, Ballygar Just for the Record and Rathcairn The Promised Land which features his irreplaceable collection of photographs document life over several decades.