Finding where your family came from can be one of the most evocative events in your life. Even going back only two or three generations can reveal a world consigned to history and like nothing we could ever relate to in the 21st century. My grandfather grew up in this house and what’s left of outhouses in one of the remotest parts of north Mayo.

The outstanding beauty of this area, the intoxicating remoteness, the serene sense of calm belies the stark fact that these remnants of past lives, these portals into the past, these buildings which once sheltered families, lives, life, love and death are dotted all over Ireland. Many of these homes became empty because of destitution, hunger and despair and resulted in mass emigration to places all over the world.

People living in the USA, Australia, South America and across the Irish Sea in the UK, owe their existence and heritage to places like this.

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Ger Healy